My time in NY has come to an end and being the sentimental person I am I wanted to capture all of the amazing things I got to do during my 6 months in the city. I got to see a 70 degree day in February followed by 2 terrible snow storms that shut down the city. I ate at a ton of excellent restaurants and was lucky to have great company while I did. More than anything, New York taught me to appreciate having a work life balance. It… View Post

Saint Lucia is the perfect place to unwind and lose yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean. Whether you are planning a family vacation or looking for a romantic getaway, Saint Lucia has something for everyone. I went to Saint Lucia with my family in February for 10 days to escape the cold Chicago winters. Funny story – actually not that funny at the time – but I got stuck in New York the Thursday before due to a huge snow storm and almost didn’t make it back to Chicago for my Saturday… View Post

Hey Everyone! If you have been following me on Instagram I have been showcasing some food from a new service I started using called MealPal. MealPal is a lunch program where you pay a subscription fee every month (based on how many lunches you want for that month) and get to choose preset lunch options from great restaurants all over the city. Every night at 5pm the menu comes out for the next day and you have until 9am the day of to decide what you want for lunch. You… View Post

I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I love this maxi dress. I have the hardest time finding a maxi dress that is 1) the right length for my long legs or 2) the right amount of tight, but also flows so I don’t have to feel self-conscious the second I shove a burger into my mouth… because if I’m being honest that is my go to order. I found this LUCCA dress at a super cute boutique called Bevello when I was visiting my friend Shelby in… View Post

One night during vacation my family called a shuttle to take us down to the lobby so we could quick take a picture at the beach before we headed to dinner in Rodney Bay. When we got in the shuttle we started gabbing about how we were taking this picture on the beach not thinking anything of it. For some reason our driver heard this and was adamant about driving us directly to the beach (which is not normal).  We told him we would walk, but let’s be honest…I’m pretty lazy so off… View Post