Germany (Part 2)

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a great Tuesday! This is part 2 of my Germany posts which highlights my trips to Heidelberg, Munich, Trier and Dresden (click here to see my first post). Enjoy!


Last fall when I was working in Wiesbaden I decided to take a day trip to Heidelberg. It was a close drive (about an hour) and seemed like it would be a manageable trip to do by myself. I had no itinerary when I went (just hopped in the car and drove), but ended up having such a fun day exploring. Heidelberg which is located in the south-west side of Germany has a lot of historic churches and an adorable old town area where there was live music around every corner.

It’s a small enough town that I felt comfortable walking around by myself without worrying about getting lost. Since I only went for a day trip I didn’t look at hotels there, but I would recommend staying somewhere in the old town area.

img_3060-3 img_3049img_3069img_3231

Saint Bonifatius Kirche:


Heidelberg’s “Alte Brücke” (Old Bridge):

img_3187-2 img_3181img_3131img_3119

Church of the Holy Spirit:

img_3071img_3136 img_3144

Heidelberg Castle:


Church of the Jesuits:


St. Anna-Kirche:



Munich, which is knows for its annual Oktoberfest celebration, is a great travel destination. See my Oktoberfest post for information on where I stayed.

Very close to Munich is the Dachau Concentration Camp. Out of respect I am not going to post any pictures, but I highly recommend taking a day trip there if you have time. It was a humbling experience.




Marienplatz Square:

img_3491 img_3441-2  img_3439-2 img_3444 img_3430-2 img_3434 img_3433 img_3436img_3454 img_3476



Hofbrauhaus Restaurant:

img_3525-2 img_3521img_3524-2

Surfers in the English Garden:

img_3479 img_3483-2


Trier is a 40 minute train ride from Luxembourg where I did a study abroad program. Because it was so close, I took a day trip here to explore the city.  Trier is an adorable city to walk around and like most German cities has a great Christmas Market in December.


Porta Nigra:


Cathedral of Trier:



Dresden is located on a valley in the Elbe River, near the border with the Czech Republic.  It is home to one of the most famous Christmas Markets in all of Germany. While I was there I went to a restaurant called Max with a group of friends for “Thanksgiving” dinner.  Although we didn’t get a traditional thanksgiving meal, our food was delicious and they had a Lillet drink that I still talk about to this day! So good – I highly recommend looking this place up if you go!



berlin-dresden-005-2img_3722img_6401berlin-dresden-008-2 berlin-dresden-034-2 berlin-dresden-017-2berlin-dresden-028-2

Dresden Cathedral:

berlin-dresden-003-2 berlin-dresden-031-2 berlin-dresden-032-2



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