Cobalt Blue Dress

One night during vacation my family called a shuttle to take us down to the lobby so we could quick take a picture at the beach before we headed to dinner in Rodney Bay. When we got in the shuttle we started gabbing about how we were taking this picture on the beach not thinking anything of it. For some reason our driver heard this and was adamant about driving us directly to the beach (which is not normal).  We told him we would walk, but let’s be honest…I’m pretty lazy so off to the beach we went. Next thing we knew we were not only approaching the beach, we were also approaching a beach wedding! Hahah our driver thought we were going to the wedding…awkward! We weren’t sure how to respond so we politely got out and ran the opposite direction of the wedding pictures. Wedding crashing is just not as fun when you’re not mentally prepared for it.

Anyways, I love this cobalt blue dress! I mean come on…look at that back! I linked a few other similar dresses below!


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  1. Robert
    February 25, 2017 / 5:19 am

    Nice photo of your family. Love the dress.

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