Cosmetic Hidaways Necklace

NECKLACE – Cosmetic Hideaway, Monogram | SHOES – Top Shop | JEANS – Articles of Society | BAG – Rebecca Minkoff (On major sale!) | SUNGLASSES – Ray Ban | EARRINGS – Kate Spade | DUSTER – similar here | TOP -Lush

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to tell you about one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry, but before I do I want to set the stage for why you are going to LOVE it.

We live in a world of NOW. It’s 2017 and no one has the luxury of 30 hour days and a never-dying phone – which sometimes seems essential to survive. There are so many apps out there that save us a bunch of time, but what is all that saved time if we don’t look good while we’re running around.

Envision being out to brunch with a group of friends. You quick run to the restroom only to get there and realize that the cute colorful lipstick you put on in the morning has disappeared (or worse – moved to the side of your face or chin). Suddenly your face looks blah – the worst right? It’s awkward to go back to the table and then back to the bathroom, but you also don’t want to sit at the table putting it on using your phone…because that’s never a good angle.

Now imagine that same scenario – except this time you go into the restroom, realize your lipstick has faded away (or more realistically ended up on the grilled cheese you ordered), open up your necklace, pull out your favorite lipstick, apply another layer and voila!- you’re looking fabulous and feeling confident.

This brings me back to my new favorite piece of jewelry. A startup company called Cosmetic Hideaways has solved this lipstick dilemma in a unique and fashionable way! Their necklaces not only look incredibly chic but they also have a secret compartment in it to hold a lipstick – and who doesn’t like a good secret? They currently have two super cute designs: The Dusk Paragon (trendy/unique design) and Allure (classic/timeless design). I am wearing the Allure Gold in the pictures above!

Not a huge fan of wearing lipstick (say what?) – you can also use this necklace to store Chapstick, because it’s also the WORST when you have chapped lips and no Chapstick in sight.

Their current design fits the products below and ones that are similar sizes. In the future they plan on coming out with more options to fit other lipsticks.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm
Lip Balm (Size of Chapstick)
NYX Soft Lip Cream (Travel Size)
BareMinerals Mini Gen Nude Radiant Lipsticks
Buxom Frozen Assets mini gel lipsticks
Sugar mini lipstick
Tarte – Tartiest glossy lip paint (travel size)
Beauty Gems mini lip gloss

To learn more and check out all the available styles / colors click HERE! Let’s save our lipsticks from the bottom of our bags!






  1. Robert
    June 2, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    Wow. Cool necklace and idea.

    • Kirsten Elizabeth
      June 12, 2017 / 8:28 am

      Isn’t it awesome! I always forget my lipstick when I go somewhere I have a mirror and can put it on haha. It’s nice to always have it on you!

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