About Kirsten

Hi! I’m Kirsten, consultant by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. Diary of a Dirty Blonde originally started out as a travel blog to document the cool places I was traveling for work. Since then it has turned into so much more. It is now a collection of my style, travels and random things that I think are worth sharing. My mission with Diary of a Dirty Blonde is to document my favorite things in a way that will inspire YOU to live your best life. Let me help you fill your closet with clothes that make you feel great, products that make you shine and give you ideas on where to plan your next vacation. I hope you enjoy following along!

A few random facts about me:

Sibling? Yes – I am the youngest of 2 kids (I’ve got an older sister). I’m extremely close to my family and would consider my parents and my older sister my best friends.

How Tall am I? A little shorter than 5’8

Where do I live? Chicago – but I travel for work so I’m always in an interesting place during the week

Favorite Store? This is a hard one, but I might have to say Nordstrom. You really can’t beat their customer service and they have free shipping and returns

I am a marketers dream. I’m a huge sucker for a good sale and talk myself into buying a lot of things because it’s a “good deal”. My favorite statement is “Price per Wear”. This is basically how I justify buying anything expensive for myself.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask -> Diaryofadirtyblonde@gmail.com