One of my favorite parts about being a consultant is that I get to travel all over the place to work with different clients. If you are newer to Diary of a Dirty Blonde, you can check out some of my previous work travel posts to Germany, Ireland and Amsterdam! My first work stop this year was San Francisco, California. I ended up having time to do a ton of exploring and am so excited to share everything I did with you! This is a long one so get ready! THINGS… View Post

Have you ever traveled down the coast of California? When I was in middle school my cousin got married in Oregon so my family took some extra time off and drove from Portland to San Francisco. When I came back to California for work one of my bucket list items was to drive to Big Sur and when my friend Mary came to SF for work I knew this was the perfect time to do it! The Big Sur/Monterey/Carmel by the Sea areas are the perfect day trip from San… View Post

Hey everyone! Have you tried the MOM jean trend?? Or high wasted? I personally LOVE it! Why? They are comfortable and look good on essentially all body types They don’t cut off my sides They are perfect for tucking in shirts (my new favorite thing to do) I’m not going to lie, I tried on a LOT of pairs before I finally found these. I originally wanted Levis but those have ZERO stretch (aka – I couldn’t sit down or feel my thighs)! If you have super skinny legs they… View Post

     Hey Everyone! Long time no blog. The beginning of this year has been crazy with travel but I’m going to try to get better at posting on a more consistent basis because I really enjoy writing these posts! Anyways, I’m so excited to head back to Chicago this weekend even though it’s only for two days. I’m flying back Saturday morning, hopefully in time to participate in at least half of the Saint Patrick’s day activities, and then I’m heading back to CA on Monday morning. I HATE… View Post

Yosemite was my first trip to a national park and it did not disappoint! Not only did I have perfect weather, but I also spend the ideal amount of time there. It was about a 3 hour drive from Stockton, CA where I am staying for work. From San Francisco it would be around 4-5 hours so it’s still possible to make a day trip from there as well. If you’re super into nature you could go for a weekend trip or longer. However, If you can’t tell I don’t… View Post