Happy Monday everyone. In 2012 I got an amazing opportunity to go to Istanbul, Turkey with a friend of mine from college. Istanbul is a beautiful city split between Europe and Asia.  Most of the tourist attractions are on the European side but most residents live on the Asian side (which is where I stayed with my friends grandparents). Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus River and has plenty to see and do. Unfortunately Turkey is not the safest place to travel right now but hopefully someday it will be so everyone can… View Post

Happy hump day everyone! Have you ever had the chance to live abroad? My first semester junior year of college I lived in Luxembourg (very small country in Europe) and it was six of the most amazing months of my life. During my time in Luxembourg I lived with a host family in a town called Bettembourg. Everyday I would take about a 40 minute train ride to my school (that was in a Chateau..no big deal…) in Differdange. I must say, sitting on the trains in Europe is a little more enjoyable than sitting… View Post

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a great Tuesday! This is part 2 of my Germany posts which highlights my trips to Heidelberg, Munich, Trier and Dresden (click here to see my first post). Enjoy! Heidelberg: Last fall when I was working in Wiesbaden I decided to take a day trip to Heidelberg. It was a close drive (about an hour) and seemed like it would be a manageable trip to do by myself. I had no itinerary when I went (just hopped in the car and drove), but ended up having… View Post

Throughout the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 I spent a lot of time in Germany. Deutschland has always been one of my favorite places in Europe and I loved getting the opportunity to explore some new cities. Where I worked: Wiesbaden While I was in Germany I worked in a town called Wiesbaden which is in central western Germany, about 20 minutes outside Frankfurt. It is a lovely town with lots of restaurants and great shopping (I tend to go shopping a lot when I’m alone and wandering around.. I… View Post

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am talking about a magic place called Amsterdam. I have been to Amsterdam twice now, once in 2011 (for school) and once in 2014 (for work) and I hope to return again at some point in my life. It is the perfect city to stroll around and depending on where you stay you can walk most places (or bike if you are brave). Each area in the city has its own unique charm and no matter what you are interested in, there is something in Amsterdam for you. If you take a trip… View Post