Hey everyone! A ton of my friends have been getting engaged recently and the question on everyones mind is – what do I get for an engagement gift? To save you the trouble of having to look around, I linked some cute gift ideas below that are all under $50! Any of these would be adorable paired with a bridal magazine and a cute card! Xoxo,

Hey Everyone! If you have been following me on Instagram I have been showcasing some food from a new service I started using called MealPal. MealPal is a lunch program where you pay a subscription fee every month (based on how many lunches you want for that month) and get to choose preset lunch options from great restaurants all over the city. Every night at 5pm the menu comes out for the next day and you have until 9am the day of to decide what you want for lunch. You… View Post

One of the best things about hosting a holiday is getting to decorate! For the past few years my sister and I have been hosting thanksgiving at our apartment in Chicago. We used to get together with our whole family but with everyone spread around the country it has ended up being the four of us the past few years. Although we don’t have a real dining room, my sister and I decided to step up our game this year and thanks to the help of World Market it was… View Post

Hey Everyone! I don’t know about you but my past few weeks have been pretty stressful with work and the flu going around. Because of this I thought I would switch it up today and share some of my favorite go-to quotes that I read when I need a little motivation. I love having these handy when I’m feeling down and need a kick to tackle my day like a Boss. Hope you are all having a great week! All images were found on Pinterest Xoxo, Kirsten