I am part Swedish and Norwegian so I was really excited to take a trip to Stockholm in 2011. I finally found a place where I truly felt like I fit in with all of the tall blonde people cruising the streets. One thing I did not realize when I went there was that I went at a time in the year when the sun goes down around 3pm (clearly my friends and I did a lot of investigating before booking our trips…). I tried to explore as much as I… View Post

Hey Everyone! Todays post is about Berlin and is part 3 of a series of blogs I have been doing on Germany. You might be able to tell from my other Germany posts that I love visiting this country. My grandfather served in World War II so ever since I was a young girl I have loved learning about the history of the war. What I love most about Berlin is that there are little memorials all over the city to recognize what happened during that time. Things to see: Brandenburg Gate Memorial… View Post

If Switzerland is not on your bucket list of places to go you need to add it. I traveled to Switzerland in 2011 and still consider it one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. I am not that outdoorsy of a girl but something about Switzerland made me want to get outside and explore. It’s a great place to go if you love extreme sports activities such as sky diving, cliff swinging (yes this is an actual thing that people do…) or paragliding. Even if you aren’t as… View Post

Where do I even begin with Paris. Paris is a city that will make you fall in love with art, crepes, croissants and overall life. Whether you are there on a romantic getaway or simply strolling the city with friends you will have an unforgettable time. I have had the pleasure of exploring this amazing city twice…once with my family and once with my friends when I was studying abroad. The city got more charming the second time I went and I hope to return soon.  Things to do: The Louvre Museum:… View Post

Happy Saturday Everyone! In 2011 when I was studying abroad I had a week of vacation in October where my parents came to visit me. While they were visiting we spent the week in Prague, Czech Republic. My mom found us an amazing apartment close to old town square that we stayed at for the week which was a nice change from staying at hotels and was great for having more space. Prague has so much to offer and a ton of history which made it one of my favorite trips I took… View Post