Happy Saturday Everyone! In 2011 when I was studying abroad I had a week of vacation in October where my parents came to visit me. While they were visiting we spent the week in Prague, Czech Republic. My mom found us an amazing apartment close to old town square that we stayed at for the week which was a nice change from staying at hotels and was great for having more space. Prague has so much to offer and a ton of history which made it one of my favorite trips I took while I was abroad.

Down the road from our apartment there was an Friday’s we stumbled into one night to grab dinner and a drink (don’t judge me for going to an Friday’s abroad… sometimes a girl just needs some classic American food). That night we drank a beer called “Bud Dark” that I’ve been searching for ever since. My dad and I referred to it as liquid candy the whole week… we couldn’t get enough (disclaimer – it doesn’t actually taste like candy, it’s just a delicious beer). I have only ever been able to find this beer in Prague so if you go you need to try it. Anyways, enough about beer… below is a recap on everything I did while in Prague – Enjoy!

One last thing. As I have been searching through pictures from when I was studying abroad I realized how far technology has come in the past few years. The pictures I have been able to capture on my most recent trips are far better quality than the ones I took in 2011. I realize I’ve honed in on my photography skills and pay more attention to the photos I take now… as in try to not cut off the tops of buildings or shoot directly into the light, but still. Does anyone else notice this while going through their old pictures?

prague-028-2prague-066 praha-113-2 praha-117-2praha-138 praha-110-2prague-144 praha-046 praha-047

Where I stayed:

praha-002 praha-003 praha-004

Things to See:

Municipal House

prague-060prague-061 prague-063

Church of Our Lady before Týn / Old Town Square

prague-028-2img_3402img_3399prague-023-2 prague-024-2praha-082-3

Prague Astronomical Clock


Prague Castle

praha-058 prague-142 prague-141img_3397 img_3398

Charles Bridge

img_3394 praha-087img_3409img_3408praha-103

Old Jewish Cemetery

prague-130-2 prague-129

National Museum

prague-075 praha-034

St. Vitus Cathedral

praha-134 praha-133 praha-116 praha-121 praha-122praha-137

Places to Eat:

Cafe Louvre




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  1. robert
    October 15, 2016 / 9:42 am

    The desert is to die for. Prague is such a great place to visit. I’m
    missing the “bud dark” as well.

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