Happy hump day everyone! Have you ever had the chance to live abroad? My first semester junior year of college I lived in Luxembourg (very small country in Europe) and it was six of the most amazing months of my life.


During my time in Luxembourg I lived with a host family in a town called Bettembourg. Everyday I would take about a 40 minute train ride to my school (that was in a big deal…) in Differdange. I must say, sitting on the trains in Europe is a little more enjoyable than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in Chicago for 2 hours to get to work everyday. I miss it!

Luxembourg has 3 national languages: French, German and Luxembourgish (which is sort of a combination of French and German with some of its own words thrown in). Because I speak none of those languages, most of the time I was there I walked around smiling and nodding (which apparently is considered being fake/rude – so essentially just walk around and don’t be overly friendly)

A few months ago when I was working in Germany (see Germany post) I had the opportunity to drive to Luxembourg for a weekend to reminisce on the golden days. I don’t think I truly appreciated it while I was there, but going back as an “adult” made me realize how amazing of an experience I had and what a great place Luxembourg is.



Chateau where I went to class



Das Boot – the bar we used to go to (and drink a few too many Bofferdings) while we waited for the train to go home




My host family’s house

100_2310  IPHONE 187

Luxembourg City:

IMG_4850IMG_4911IMG_4947IMG_4928Lux City with Parents 092

Barrio Grund:


Palace of the Grand Dukes:

Mere and Kirsten 001.JPG

Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial:


The Guillaume II statue:

Lux City with Parents 445Lux City with Parents 447

Places to Stay:

Sofitel: My parents stayed here when they came to visit me while I was studying abroad and loved it. The rooms are a little different in that they have an all glass shower in the middle of the room (a little awkward when you’re staying with your parents…) but overall this is a very nice place to stay.

Park Inn by Radison Luxembourg City: I stayed at this hotel when I went for the weekend this year. It was nothing fancy but it was a good price and a great location right next to the train station and walking distance from the main square in Luxembourg City.

Places to Eat & Drink:

Cathy Goedert:


French Cafe with delicious pastries

Scott’s Pub:

img_4943 img_4857

Strongbow Honey Apple Cider is… how do I put this…. AMAZING!!

The Chocolate House:


You choose a spoon with a block of chocolate on the end and they will serve you a cup of hot milk. Melt your chocolate stick in the milk and enjoy (the best hot chocolate I have ever had)! YUMMM!! It’s also a great place to get cute chocolates to bring home as gifts.

La Boqueria:


Spanish Tapas restaurant that is a little outside the downtown area of Luxembourg City so I recommend taking a cab depending on where you stay. They had excellent tapas and drinks.

The Pyg Irish Bar:


Small Irish pub by les rives de Clausen.

Brauerei – Big Beer Company:


Throw-back photo to hanging out at the Big Beer Company while studying abroad

Located on les rives de Clausen. It has a Oktoberfest vibe (lots of steins!)

Fire & Ice Shots Bar:

Last but not least, the fire and ice shots bar. This has sadly changed into a new bar since I was there but this place used to be great!




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  1. Robert
    September 28, 2016 / 8:10 pm

    Brings back such wonderful memories. You are one lucky girl.

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