Easy Way to Organize your Spice Cabinet

In an effort to make my kitchen a little more organized I recently went through all of my spices. I don’t know about you but my sister and I had accumulated SO many over the years. And the saddest part is a lot of them were used for one recipe and then sat in our cupboards untouched. We did had them “organized” in a basket, however when I would go find one on the rare occasion I decided to cook, it always seemed like such an ordeal! About two weeks before our move I saw a few other bloggers showing off their newly organized spice cabinets and decided I was already spending a ton of money on my new place – why not add some spice jars into the mix 🙂

When my sister first found out I bought these she told me it was a “classic Kirsten move”, where I buy something that will be great – but in the grand scheme of things was probably unnecessary at time. Maybe one day I will learn…but probably not and I’m so happy I did this.

All you need to do this is a label maker, some spice jars and a mini funnel! It was honestly really fun to do and I love that I can now easily see what I have! I’m obsessed with the brass top jars I picked up at Target but they have a ton of great options on Amazon as well that I linked below!

A Few Tips:
1. Make sure you clean the jars and leave them drying overnight so the spices don’t stick to the jar.
2. Add a label for the expiration date on the back

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Organizing!


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  1. Robert
    May 15, 2019 / 7:27 pm

    Wow. Great tips
    Take care

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