Germany (Part 3)

Hey Everyone! Todays post is about Berlin and is part 3 of a series of blogs I have been doing on Germany. You might be able to tell from my other Germany posts that I love visiting this country. My grandfather served in World War II so ever since I was a young girl I have loved learning about the history of the war. What I love most about Berlin is that there are little memorials all over the city to recognize what happened during that time.

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Things to see:

Brandenburg Gate


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

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Berlin Wall

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Checkpoint Charlie

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Berlin Cathedral

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Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary Art

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French Cathedral

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Altes Museum


Bundesrat of Germany


DITIB-Sehitlik Moschee

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Blue Man Group:

This show travels all over the world and is a fun thing to do for all ages!



Like I mentioned earlier, Berlin has little memorials all over the city recognizing the fallen in WWII. I recommend doing some research on these memorials before you go or you might just walk by them without knowing (I probably would have). For instance the picture below shows some stolperstein’s I stumbled upon. A stolperstein is a brass “stone” that has the name of a Jewish person who lost their life during the holocaust. These stones are all throughout the city and are placed either outside the home of where the person lived before the war or outside of their place of work.




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  1. Robert
    November 9, 2016 / 2:59 pm

    Loved it. Looks like a really cool place to visit. Thanks for taking me there today.

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